Thursday, August 22, 2013

HALLELUJAH! Rosie goes to Kindergarten!!!

Rosie happily, joyfully leaped onto the big yellow bus and straight to kindergarten early this morning and I was just as giddy as she was.
She was fired up because she FINALLY got to be a kindergartener.
(a leader amongst the younger preschoolers)
(with the big kids)
and I was even more excited that Rosie was allowed to
Which was quite awesome.
Sadly, until you get to kindergarten, your mom (or pop) is required to drive you back and forth to school.
My dear considered this to be boring and babyish.  
And since I have had a kid younger than your average kindergartener for 17 YEARS, I have spent many, many hours driving back and forth, not to mention waiting for various kids in car line.  
But no more...and if I may praise the lord...
I could not be happier to hang up my keys and leave Miss Rosie's school transportation to the bus professionals.
Thank you dear bus driver and thank you Rosie for being the most excited first day kindergartener ever!

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