Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Monster in my Kitchen.

Now that the kids are back in school I had a chance to look back over some summer photos with the realization that we had a ton of stuff going on around here.
Most notably, our entire kitchen and a few other parts of our house were gutted to make room for the beginnings of a renovation.
After our hardworking and kind contractors left one evening, I turned this heap from our kitchen into a cute monster thinking that it would be kind of fun for the kids.
But it didn't really work at all... 
The contractors arrived long before the kids woke up and I chickened out and removed the googly eyes before these sensible, strong guys noticed and bolted. 
My valid fear was that they would decide not to work for a crazy lady and quit on the spot. 
And as you can see, I really do need those fellows to return to my oh so homey kitchen and do just a smidgey bit of trim work.
Better to fake a little sanity then risk scaring off good contractors. 

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