Saturday, January 4, 2014

Freezer Bowl Banners-1982 style.

Karl is really happy that he and Jamie got to skip out of town for a few days on a little father/son scuba trip. For one thing, they are having a great time underwater in the sunny south but equally important is that he has been spared some of the media coverage reminiscing about the last time the Bengals played the Chargers in a playoff game in 1982. Which spared him of the anguish of listening to his wife reminisce about the same game. 
Apologies in advance, but since Karl is away, I will do that now.
A very cold Coach Gregg being carried off the field after the Bengals win...did I mention that I was at the game?
It was really really cold... like nine degrees below 0 which makes it the coldest game played in Bengals history. And so for the past 32 years every time there Bengals have played in the cold, I can't stop myself from reminding my family that I was at the HISTORICALLY COLDEST Bengal game on record as an attribute to my personal toughness when it comes to football games. And then, if I am feeling sassy, I go on to reminisce about how actually I was there hours EARLY for the game, along with my pals Katie, Erika, Anne and our recruited little brothers to hang up supportive team banners urging our favorite team to victory. 
We were the chief banner makers of the early '80's and we took out duties very seriously arriving a couple of hours before the game to hang our signage in the end zones. 
Our supercool banners were made by painting bed sheets in the basement with clever and often rhyme-y messages like 
"Zap 'Em Lapham!" and "Smush 'Em Bush!"
For our favorite and famous wide receiver Steve Kreider...
"Make the Margin Wider, Kreider!"
We were pretty awesome when it came to fun team spirit messages.
And apparently effective, because the Bengals won that historically cold game in 1982 and then went on to the Superbowl.
And they will do the same tomorrow. 
Only this time they will have to beat the Chargers without the sporty spirit Bengal banners... I'm sure they can do it.
Go Bengals...Who-dey!!!

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