Saturday, January 18, 2014

Mary and her not so Little Lamb.

A few true treasures have risen to the surface of our home as we shuffle stuff about during a renovation, one of the very best being this photo of Mary and her not so little lamb named "Lamby."
(I mean really, what else could this dear ewe possibly have been called?) 
Mary was in kindergarten, her sheep was actually younger than she looked here, and together they rocked the sheep lead class at the Warren Co. Fair.
The idea behind the class was that the sheep leader wore a wool outfit and marched around a ring and showed off their very own four legged wool producer. 
(I think that the class was very appropiately sponsored by the Ohio Wool Industry.)
My mom custom knit just for her, Mary's fabulous sweater and Mary and Lamby wore matching Tam o'Shanter caps, though tragically, Mary's tam is mostly cropped out of the photo.
Because they were just that full of awesome.
Mary has always had a very stylish sensibility, even with a big knobby kneed (but sweet) sheep as a runway partner. 

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