Wednesday, January 8, 2014

So Proud of Totally 49!

Karl celebrated his birthday yesterday and much to the excitement of his kids, turned 49.
Rosie hugged his head tightly and gleefully announced that she was 
"SO PROUD of you for being 49, I can't believe that you are actually, TOTALLY 49!"
Henry thought that his handmade card was the most clever… he drew two windows, one with a big #48 escaping through it and another with a big #49 arriving.
"I hope you like your first day of being 49!" reads the caption.
(he would not let me post a photo- he is stingy with his copyrights)
Jamie however is more open to sharing his art and drew this card featuring a scuba diver, Darth Vader and, of course, a big # 49. 
Karl is still trying to figure out if the misspelling of father to fart-her was deliberate in a farty, jokey sort of way.
Either way, we were all very happy to celebrate the birthday of our favorite  FORTY-NINE year old dad and wish him a very happy 49 more!

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