Monday, March 17, 2014

Jamie's Run for Jake's Heart.

Jamie ran his own heart out yesterday in honor of Jake's awesome new heart. 
(amazing finish line photo by Leigh Taylor) 
Jamie and his buddy Kendall ran under cold and windy skies yesterday in the heart mini marathon kids run and had a most excellent time. 
Ok… while he mostly enjoyed the morning, he did require some recovery time immediately following his big sprint home finish. 
This is what you look like when you leave everything you've got, in the home stretch. 
Jamie needed his dad to guard his exhausted self from being run over as he regained his wind. 
I'm sure that he would offer the same kindness for his Pop if Karl is ever in need of a post race body guard…but lets hope that doesn't happen anytime soon.
After he regained composure, Jamie and Kendall proudly picked up their medals and posed in a freezing cold wind tunnel... aka 6th Street.  
Jamie was recognized on the course as a Thousandaire.
This means that he raised over a thousand dollars in honor of young Jake Taylor for the American Heart Association. 
Which is completely awesome and proves that his mom has super generous friends that will happily support my kid when he does something good for another kid. 
Thank you friends.  

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