Friday, March 28, 2014

Coming Out of Winter

Our Mary has survived her first Chicago winter.
She rode the Megabus home for spring break and was quite happy to find Cincinnati temps in the 30's and 40's. Which was a happy surprise…because she has reported that 30 has become her new 50. 
Mary loves almost everything about her new city, and she even remained positive about the tough winter weather in a brave little pioneer sort of way until about the end of February. 
Then all of the snow and sub zero temperatures caught up to her and she admitted that she was exhausted by living in the polar vortex that Chicago had become. 
I shared with my mom that Mary was getting pretty sad about life in the snowpocolypse and because she is a kind and artistic Grandma, she painted this portrait for her frozen grand girl.
Here is Mary, shown as a hibernating woodland creature Coming Out of Winter with a big grin. 
It's a wonderful work of art painted with great love... an awesome tribute to her first winter away from home.

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