Monday, March 10, 2014

Singin' the Tooth Fairy Blues.

Rosie is singing the No Money Under My Pillow blues.

The tooth fairy didn't show.
I think this is what happened...Rosie lost her tooth very early on Sunday morning, the very morning that we were all supposed to robustly SPRING FORWARD into daylight saving time. It was still very early on this first day of the new time, when Rosie put the tooth in a baggie and under her pillow to be whisked away and replaced. But then it was a long Sunday and a lot of stuff happened and the fairy got pretty distracted. 
And sadly, at the end of the day, the lonely tooth under the pillow was forgotten. 
While I hate to make excuses for irresponsibility, I imagine the slightly overwhelmed and maybe a little bit cranky fairy, got confused by the time difference and merely forgot to fly into Rosie's room and take her cute little tooth off to help in the building of the castles of Toothopia.

And while Rosie woke up disappointed, she will likely forgive her tomorrow morning, but only if that irresponsible fairy types a decent note of apology in teeny tiny curly Q font and also bribes her with a cool fiver.

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