Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Smoothie Tuesday….its a thing.

I have learned that if you do something twice, and your family likes it… it is destined to become a thing.
I went searching for something fun and breakfasty that might get my tribe up and moving a little easier, and landed on smoothies.
On two Tuesday mornings in a row.
So now Smoothie Tuesday is a thing of vital importance that must happen or the order of the universe might be disrupted.
And because I am more proud of my Tuesday morning smoothies then I should be, I found myself artfully photographing them from several different angles at a few minutes before seven this morning.
And now I find myself writing about them to a point of pride and broadcasting it…
 to some who know me and some who don't. 
It turns out that our breakfast was much better at being artfully photographed then my kids…there was far too much morning grumpiness in the kitchen to allow for a non hostile photograph of my darlings enjoying their fabulous smoothies.
I didn't even try.
However, because Henry had cute stylish hair for the school play, he did consent to a single photo before he caught the bus.
Here is the Tuesday morning version of Henry G.
Warning…there has been some chatter of Waffle Wednesday, so there is a chance that there are more breakfast posts to come.
Have a great week.

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