Friday, April 11, 2014

Bad Intern...

Bad intern at the office.
Please note the Nerf gun target set up behind her and the  bored indifference to her complete lack of productivity.
Rosie was a little bit sick yesterday so she went to the office so that she could cough on only her dad, instead of a class of kindergarteners and their wonderful and still healthy teachers.
(Thankfully, Karl does not share an office so there was no chance of infecting coworkers) 
She was bored by her new position as the youngest architect intern and not afraid to show it. 
Rosie spent most of the morning planning where she would go to lunch and settled on Skyline, for many reasons, one of the primary ones being that Skyline hosts a gum ball machine that dispenses tattoos. 
(I know... pretty cool, right?) 
After their lovely Skyline lunch, the patient and kind architect and his the opinionated little intern walked across the street to the toy store to buy a hula hoop. 
Usually Karl's lunches don't involve tattoos and hula hoops, but taking care of Rosie often involves special features that are hard to predict. 
When I arrived home, I asked her how her day with her dad went and she said…
"I thought going to the office would be more fun, architecting is so boring. I want to go back to school."
Then she teared up and continued... "I love school, I miss my friends, I don't want to go to work anymore." 
Which is very likely, the exact same thing that I imagine a lot of other not quite as young interns are saying right now. 
While Karl was hosting Rosie at work, I was in Charlotte visiting Anna.
I bought her a gardenia for her patio on a whim and then of course made her pose in the farmers market parking lot with her pretty little tree.
In three weeks Anna will be a college graduate.
And yes the crazy fact that I will have a college graduate and a kindergartener is not lost on me, but these two bookends make it worth the insanity. 

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