Thursday, April 3, 2014

Brand New Smile :-)

Epic day in the life of my favorite 13 year old.
After two years of braces, Lily was released from her hardware and into a brand new smile.
Here she is on this rainy Thursday before going into our favorite orthodontist…
And here is Lily's big reveal!
She is celebrating at the popcorn store where she bought and inhaled a bag of M&M sprinkled kettle corn without the fear of kernels getting stuck in the brackets and bands.   
It has been years since she could fully enjoy her favorite snack and she has been planning the sequence of events that would happen on this big day.
Her first stop following the orthodontist was to go to Patty's Popcorn Store…home of the most delicious popcorn ever. 
I know that not every neighborhood hosts and then boasts of their their very own popcorn store… we are very lucky that we can, and so we do.

Patty's Popcorn Shop is really a terrific spot, right around the corner from the orthodontist and the very best place for any middle schooler to test out a new cute smile.
So get your choppers straight and then celebrate at Patty's!
(hmmm...perhaps the nice popcorn store owners could use a jingle writer?)

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  1. Braces can be difficult to bear with when you're already an adult, so I'm glad that Lily got braces at a young age. At least she can enjoy having that brand new smile all the way until she's all grown up. Her new smile looks lovely, by the way. I'm happy that she now gets to enjoy her favorite snack without her braces getting in the way. Thanks for sharing that, Marguerite! All the best to your family! :)

    Dorothy Payne @ Dr. Monica Crooks, DDS