Saturday, April 26, 2014

Respectable Marrieds… Fifteenth Anniversary.

My dear Karl and our oldest son Jamie…both looking particularly respectable Easter morning. 

Fifteen years ago, this guy, totally and completely on purpose married me.
I will forever see this as a true act of courage and strength.
In a heartbeat he went from being a fairly hip single architect, to a husband and a stepfather to Anna and Mary.
But wait, there was more.
As a part of the deal, he also acquired two needy hounds, a couple of not so cute (but well loved) cats and one very well adjusted guinea pig.
  We were one big complicated package.
And also extremely fortunate to have found each other.
Because we had gotten started without each other, it always sounded a little bit lame that we were married for so few years…and then at some point along the way we decided that the magic number was fifteen...a respectable number of years.
So here we are at fifteen years…officially and self declared, respectable.
Happy anniversary to the brave, dear man who married me all those years ago…can't wait to see what adventures the next fifteen years bring.

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