Thursday, May 1, 2014

Short and Sweet and Skipping Class.

Until a week ago, my Mary had perfect college class attendance…she made it all the way through a snowpocalyptic winter to the end of April, without missing a day of class.  
And then I showed up, and her regular academic Tuesday turned into one of delicious paellas and shopping instead of studying and classes.
(I have fallen in love with Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba…yummy)
I paid a quick Chicago visit to my girl to go see the play that she is working on. 
It's called Jackie and Me… based on a Dan Gutman book about Jackie Robinson.
It is a production for a young audience which is what Mary enjoys doing the most, and the performance was a part of her classwork and completely school sanctioned. 
(unlike the paella)
My very biased review of Jackie and Me is that it was most excellent. 
I was the only mom who wasn't a teacher in an audience filled with school kids who loved it as much as I did. The kids were very engaged in the story, with a lot of cheering for young Jackie at bat and groaning when he faced trouble and diversity…which was a lot, poor Jackie. 
I loved being a part of a loud and rowdy house.
("house" as in the theater...after a day of skipping class with my theater major, I'm full of hip lingo)
Afterwards Mary gave me a backstage tour and was proud of me for not getting into trouble of breaking anything on the set.
Because Mary did have to go to school, I walked her to her class, met some of her  friends and of course, made her pose in the stairwell. 
The brand new theater building at Depaul is fantastic and I got to peek into some of the rooms where I found a whole lot of yoga happening. Mary told me that one of her classes starts off each time with a sun salutation... my yogi pals would get a kick out of that :-)
 We had a very lovely, but short visit...we both enjoyed every minute of our time together. 
Chicago is a wonderful and exciting place full of fantastic opportunity…but 
the thing that I love the most about it is how much my girl loves being there.

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