Sunday, May 18, 2014

Stuck in the Bath with Mac.

Cincinnati Public Library partnered with a whole bunch of really great independent bookstores to sell 500 copies of the now Cincinnati best seller…
President Taft Got Stuck in the Bath 
in order to bring it's author, Mac Barnett for a visit.
The book selling goal was reached and true to his word, Mac paid a visit to President Taft's hometown.  
And because he came to Wordplay, where kids love to read, Mac got to read his story about Presidents and Bathtubs in the presence of several claw foot bath tubs. 
(Because kids love to curl up and read in a tub and Wordplay gets that.)
So of course, I had to ask Mac if he would get in a bath with my kids, and of course he did, because he is awesome. 
The terrific Mac Barnett sharing his books with young fans at Wordplay.
And then we kicked all of my kids out and Mac got back in the tub and did some pretend reading of the book that he wrote.
"I'm laughing because its really, really, funny!"
And I agree with him.
It's a great book… super funny with just enough tasteful presidential Taft-y nudity.

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  1. It's lovely that Mac spent time with the kids like that. I think it's super important for kids to engage with print books in a world so saturated with technology and e-readers, so that we don't lose the magic of opening a good book in the future. Authors like Mac have the potential to be great role models.

    Mira Hastings @ Universal Spas