Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Pony Rides.

I am a very lucky mom for many reasons, but on this happy Tuesday morning I am feeling especially fortunate to have been able to celebrate my birthday weekend 
(why just one single day?) 
doing something I really love with my favorite people in the universe. 
I got to take Lyle to a horse show at the Kentucky Horse Park, which is the most gorgeous place to ride ever, and, even more terrific, my mom and my rider girls came too.
So really, very much like my 5th birthday party in 1972, I got to have pony rides with my mom for my birthday.
Rosie is fortunate to be taught by the most patient and kindest trainer ever, it was a treat to watch Jess get my girl ready for the ring in the early morning light…Kentucky sunrises are the best. 
Rosie got to ride sweet and patient Cocoa Puff over walk trot poles on the same grounds as where the best riders in the country train… and very likely started out with these types of "jumps" too. 
Somehow Lily went from being a kid to a really brave rider over the summer… it's been so fun watching her and I'll admit, I'm more than a little envious of her strong teenage body and brain that can remember more than three things at once. 
Here are Lily and Seville posing with their ears up and smiling… 
For my birthday dinner, Mom, Rosie, Lily and I celebrated with utter gusto at a Kentucky Cracker Barrel, which was completely full of awesome.  
And then, to continue the celebration, my guys (well, Karl mostly) made an I Heart Mom birthday cake from scratch which was waiting for me when we arrived home from Lexington.
I was so excited about their thoughtfulness and baking skills, that I bossily insisted that Karl take my picture hugging my party cake before anyone touched it. 
(pretty cool, right?)
But then I was able to step away from the cake for long enough to gain perspective and ask Karl to take a photo that included the kids instead of just cake.
And my youngest wombats were really nice about standing close to their momma and smiling for the camera even after playing second string to dessert.
Thank you dear family for making my birthday weekend perfect in every way!

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