Saturday, September 20, 2014

Young Bucks!

A little Ohio State football advice for Buckeye parents everywhere...
Go to the alumni band day for three times as much of a band and pick a game with the potential for a lot of scoring. 
We took this crew to Columbus last weekend where we got to cheer for a 66-0 Buckeye win AND watch the most amazing half time show ever with five times the band with the addition of the alumni band.
The black uniformed band around the giant flag is the student band, all of the red shirts are the more than awesome alumni band. 
It was beyond impressive to see everyone marching on the same field.
My kiddos also had a great time semi stalking the OSU cheerios, who didn't seem to mind the attention from their youngest fans.
This photo was organized in approximately 3 and a half seconds…. 
"girls each hold a pom, buddy, take this megaphone, ok here we go... GO BUCKS!"
I think the Ohio state cheer squad should contract themselves out as wedding and event photographers, they can pose a photo in record time. 
There is something about seeing your kids at a football game that make you think forward a few years.
I can imagine Ryan in this same pose in about 12 years and enjoying it even more.

And I can see Rosie and Lucy having too much fun together in the not so distant future while Lily and Mia are on hand to keep things a little bit regulated. 
Until then, these two are enjoying their new Buckeye fanship and are happy to prove that you don't need to be born in Ohio to be a Buckeye…O-H-I-O!

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