Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Thank You IMPACT 100!

 Laura Jekel and John Morris Russell, a most remarkable duo, delivered an OUTSTANDING presentation last night asking the women of Impact 100 for their support. 
And this afternoon when they meet, the young musicians of MYCincinnati will receive some amazing news.
 They will learn that their dedicated teachers did whatever they could to make sure that they will have instruments in their hands and a safe place to practice everyday after school and now their program is even stronger than it was yesterday. 
They will KNOW without doubt that the people of Cincinnati believe in them just as much as their teachers. 
These hardworking students will also know that their very good friend John Morris Russell, will stand by those teachers and ask anyone who will listen to help support these young musicians in bringing something beautiful into our corner of the world.   
Thank you women of Impact 100, for agreeing with Laura and John and offering your support. 
This is truly a transformative gift that will make an enormous difference in the future of Cincinnati's most dedicated young musicians.

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