Friday, June 19, 2015

Happy Camper.

Jamie has been waiting for 11 months to get back to his happiest place on Earth... 
Camp Kooch-i-Ching. 
This is his second summer to attend and while last year he may have been a little bit apprehensive, this year he was over the moon excited to return to a place that he considers his second home. 
Here he is hanging out in his cabin which he will soon share with his summer pack of guys.
And on the outside of the same log cabin in the wilderness... complete with a cool Native American grimacing bear to make it even more macho and appealing to middle school guys.
Both father and son were stoic when it came to saying goodbye... the second time to camp was easier for both. 
The camp posts a selection of photos of their campers as they go about their daily activities. So we learned that on the first day Jamie signed himself up for sailing lessons. 
I can most definitely say that camp provides many opportunities not available in any other setting. Here goes Jamie in a trust fall... arms crossed and eye to the sky... and to prove extra trustworthiness, a trust fall platform has been built in the woods for added height.
All this make my kid a very happy camper.

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