Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Reptile Roundup Extreme Close Ups

The guys in our family, were very excited to spend a week at the Cincinnati Nature Center learning all about our reptilian and amphibian friends. 
They spent their time happily traipsing about the woods and streams looking for snakey creatures and then showed them off to their families during a Friday  presentation. 
This gave me a chance to take a couple of extreme reptile close ups of some of the fellows that they caught and then later released.
This was my favorite reptile of the camp.. a male box tortoise... I learned that the boy tortoises have red eyes, while the ladies are brown-eyed girls.
This snake was found in the ladies room which gave me the heebiest of jeebies, and also proved that you don't really have to hike far and wide to find a snake at the nature center. 
This snake is obviously a female because of it's natural ladies room habitat...no respectable lady snake would dare hang out in the mens room.
The kids found some amphibians too... including this very, very serious looking bullfrog.
I appreciate the intensity of his froggie gaze.
The creature that I had the toughest time capturing in extreme close up was my very own elusive 12 year old boy. 
Here is Jamie... from a safe and respectable distance, delivering his presentation with a pack of nature camp pals.  
Immediately afterwards, all wildlife was released to the same habitat where they were found, although my hope is that the lady snake found a new place to reside a bit farther from the bathroom that I will never ever again use. 

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