Sunday, June 21, 2015

Lilly's Father/Daughter Super Secret Mystery Trip.

To celebrate the end of middle school and the beginning of summer,
Lilly took her dear dad on a quick trip to Montreal.
Lilly planned the trip herself... she wanted a European-ish adventure without actually going to Europe, and thought Montreal all would be the place to go. She kept the destination and secret from him until two days before departure, but was sure to mark it in his calendar as "Mystery Trip with Lilly" so that he was ready for anything. 
These two peas in a pod had a low key and lovely time together so documented in a series of photos taken by various friendly folk of Montreal. 
They stayed in a sweet little hotel in Old Town called Le Petit Hotel that also hosted a coffee shop called, of course Le Petit Cafe.
Here there are looking cute and Canadian while waiting for a taxi in front of the cafe.
(photo credit by the gentleman setting up tables in the across the street restaurant) 
This posey photo was taken in the lobby of Le Petit Hotel.
(credit to nice front desk lady)
And while it might be odd to be surrounded by suspended wine bottles while enjoying a fancy French dinner, it made a nice background for this photo.
(credit to charming waiter at fancy French restaurant)
They sent this selfie to me from the airport... I love it :-)
(credit to Karl's super long arm, so helpful for selfies)
Lilly is a lucky chica to have a fantastic dad who will happily save a post 8th grade graduation weekend just for her and she knows it.
So happy that these two have each other and enjoy each other as much as they do. 
Wishing all fathers everywhere the happiest of Fathers Day today and always. 

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