Sunday, January 10, 2016

My Who-dey Heart.

At about midnight last night one AJ threw a pass and another AJ caught it in the end zone and the Bengals had tied up their playoff game against the Steelers.
Then with an extra point from dear Nugent we were winning. 
Beating the Steelers in a PLAY OFF GAME!
There was a minute and a half left on the game clock and we were all shaky and screamy and deliriously happy and in a state of shock and disbelief.
And I even got a bit injured by an earring when, in all of the excitement, my head got hugged a little too hard by a worked up friend. I think a face injury from being overhugged was by far the best and most fun injury ever.
It was awesome. 
But then some stuff happened... a fumble, a penalty.... and our big win didn't happen after all. 
I have been going to Bengal games for about 40 years- Erika has gone to many of those games with's been awhile since we won a playoff game and we were ready.
And while I am saddened that their season is over, I am more bummed that my parents who make my fanship look like small potatoes in comparison, won't be able to cheer for their favorite team in the Super Bowl this season.
But I'm not worried, because the great thing about being a football fan is that there is always a next season.
The Bengals played their guts out last night in the most exciting and emotional game ever and I thank them for that from the bottom of my orange and black Who-dey heart.

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