Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year's Revolutions

Karl and I happily spent the first 20 mins of 2016 at a friends house a half a block from the rest of our posse, but hurried home quickly afterwards to make sure that our kids behaved themselves and went to bed. Instead what we discovered that they had stood in the kitchen with raised glasses of eggnog and counted down the final 10 seconds of 2015. 
The knowledge that our 4 youngest kids were able to stand together for 10 seconds and toast a new year year without arguing about it made Karl and I deliriously happy it seems that all of the family holiday togetherness has intensified the sibling bickering to a whole new level... and we saw this act of egg nog solidarity as a miraculous event. 
And while they had all scattered to their rooms when we arrived home, we managed to pull them together again for a few photos... here are our guys at on January 1st, at 12:27.
And the girls with their ancient sleepy mascot Turkey... a few minutes later.  
Please note that we were careful to photograph Turkey's "good side" in his happy new year photo. 

As far as new year's resolutions...while I tried to suggest some means of low key self improvement to my beloved family, mostly in terms of homework and general tidiness, I was told that it was not my place to do so. 
In fact...Rosie was quick to fill me in with her personal feelings on new years resolutions...
"new years revolutions can only be decided on by the person who is doing the revolution-ing and if I'm going to start a revolution, it won't be with my mom's ideas"
Ok...fair point, and I really do respect the notion of starting out the new year with a few more interesting personal revolutions instead of some boring, clean your room kind of mom imposed resolutions. 

Wishing you all a very happy shiny new 2016 full of 
 faith in the future 
and maybe, if so desired, your own personal revolution or two. 

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  1. I am smiling since we talked about Annaliese and Rosie starting a revolution.