Monday, January 18, 2016

Turkey the Dog the Band... Christmas Morning.

So I realize that I might three weeks behind in posting Christmas pics of the family... but I will anyway, because our Christmas pjs this year are my total favorites. 
Every year we do our best to sport matching jammies at Christmas, which is getting more difficult to do without force and angst as the kids get older. Believe it or not, teenage guys are not super excited about wearing the same pjs as mom. But this year everyone in the whole family was very happy with the 2015 version of Christmas Jammies of 2015...the amazing shirts created by Cincinnati artist Lizzy DuQuette for the band that Lilly is s part of.
So here we are on Christmas morning...the whole team sporting our very stylish and original Turkey the Dog the Band t shirts.
 Jamie flanked by a couple of smiley big sisters...
And Turkey the dog the original inspiration for the band that bears his name.
And he is the original inspiration Turkey himself catching a Christmas snooze.
It's super hard work being so inspirational on Christmas.
Wishing you all the very merriest of times together.

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