Monday, June 1, 2009

Guys in White

Henry had his first tennis lesson with Jamie yesterday... he had a great time and was so proud of himself. He even managed to make contact and whack the ball a few times! Jamie played a little last year and was happy to be the big cheese on the court and show Henry the ropes. Henry was excited to play, but not exactly sure if he was big and cool enough to play. It's like he was torn between the safety of being a little guy and sitting on the bench with mom (way boring) and joining in the big kids (uber fun). His uncertainty was most evident when it began to thunder and the coach told all of the kids to quickly pick up the balls before the storm. Henry froze in his little tracks... looked at me with big worried eyes, then to his teacher.... you could almost see him trying to figure out if he was a big dude or little guy. After a few seconds of consideration, he rose to the picking up tennis balls in the threat of a thunderstorm challenge. All of the while talking to himself about his nerves..."I'm really scared and being brave of this..." I really don't like the sound of that thunder, it's freaking me out and making me so nervous." Who knew Pee Wee Tennis Ages 4-6 required so much strength in the face of adversity? Way to go little Henry.

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