Sunday, June 7, 2009

Safety Net

My kids are lucky to be surrounded by people in their lives who support them and hold them accountable. Mary graduated from middle school the other day. As her name was called and she marched to the front, she received a bible from the headmaster and hugged the principal. Hugged him with warmth and affection you can really see in the photos. And it wasn't just her... As I am watching every kid get their big goodbye principal hugs, I realized how wonderful it was for these kids to have this safety net of school in their lives. Those years between 11 and 14 are more then tough... everything goes weird and out of sync as they try and figure themselves out. Even if they were completely angry and embarrassed by their parents, knowing that they had their school on their side meant a lot. When I was in middle school, I had a sense of "us V. them" with my teachers and the school principal was the leader of the "them." Mary is fortunate not to be able to relate to that experience. She had supportive and caring teachers and a principal who she is crazy about. She knew that they were all on her side and would hate to let them down or disappoint them...just what a kid needs to get them through middle school. Thank you Mr L. and all of the teachers for being there for my girl and helping her get a solid start before she says hello to high school.

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