Sunday, June 14, 2009

This little piggie...

This little piggie is Jamie's best rodent pal in the world-Sam. Little Sam has cheerfully endured the many hours of aggressive snuggling and Indiana Jones reenactments required to be a part of Jamie and Henry's lifestyle. I could imagine being a bit moody if your primary parents were four and six year old guys... but not Sam, he seems thrilled with the attention.
I realized the other evening that our favorite guinea pig has trained me quite handily. I got into the habit of dropping a carrot or some other delicious pig snack into his cage before I go to sleep. Now, if I forget to do this and Sam hears me getting ready for bed, he squeals at the top of his cute and noisy little lungs until I deliver him his bednight snack. I suppose that I should be embarrassed that the house rodent has conditioned and trained me to do his bidding, but truthfully, it kind of cracks me up.

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