Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bachelor Hamster

Henry asked me if every adult in the world was married.

"Like, does every grown up man find a woman to marry?" 

I told him that a lot do, but that some men don't and stay bachelors.... then I needed to define "bachelor" as that is a new (and now very cool) word for Henry.

"Can you be a dad and still be a bachelor?"

"Nope, once you are a dad, you are a dad and no longer a bachelor."


"Well... I'm worried about Wesley, (his beloved hamster) because he might like being a bachelor now, but he might like being a dad later, and I don't see how he will ever meet a woman hamster to marry while he is living all alone in his aquarium."

Good point.
Sorry Wes.

Then Karl, who has some personal experience in bachelorhood, suggested that hamster-guy brains aren't the same as human man brains and if there are no lady hamsters around he probably doesn't think about it  much.

And that made Henry feel better about Wesley's current lifestyle. This is a good thing as Wes is no spring chicken amongst hamsters and I am afraid he is getting a bit rattier by the month. We love him, but a lady hamster not see his inner beauty and break his little rodent heart.

As evidence... these were the cutest photos from the recent Wesley photo shoot- I wouldn't recommend using either for a hamster profile pic.

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  1. 'Bachelor Hamster' would be a very good name for a cartoon. I love when kids become deeply concerned about pets' feelings- it's really sweet.