Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Swagger Angel.

Jamie has been working his little tushie off all summer so as a fun incentive (read: bribe) I promised him that on his final day of summer school I would take him to Chicago for the weekend.

 Turns out, Jamie is a Chicago kind of guy... 

On Saturday evening, Jamie and I enjoyed dinner on the 95th floor of the John Hancock building. 

Handsome fellow.

Our fabulous dinner view.

By the end of the evening Jamie was quite fed up with me taking pictures of him... to bear such photographic hardship was upsetting.

But then... he found his swagger.

This is how it happened...
Jamie and his fun mom (me!) were riding the elevator up when the doors opened and a in pops a young-ish, professional-ish and definitely fashionable fellow.

He nods to my son and says "looking sharp, but you need a lid," and takes his own hat off and plops it of Jamie's head. Looks at him again, and says "almost there,"pulls some shades out of his jacket pocket and puts them on Jamie.

Then the elevator stopped and he jumped out.
"But wait, your accessories!" I shouted after him. 
But he waved me off.
And then he was gone.
Like a fashion angel.
And Jamie assumed that this was typical of riding elevators in a big city... cool, and fashionable stuff happens all of the time, and you just go with it when it does.

So he took his swagger to the streets.

And to the Bean...

And was troubled and a little bit frightened by this guy, so I did what any sensitive parent would do and gave Silver Guy a couple of bucks to pose with my son.

Before the swagger became too obnoxious... we caught a cab for the airport.
Here are Jamie's final moments in his windy city.
My son the dude.


  1. Oh my--what style! Your posts are just so enjoyable Maggie!

  2. There's the Bean post! That's a pretty stylin' kid ya got there.

  3. What an awesome post!!! How cool for Jamie to have a run in with the Swagger Angel!!!