Thursday, August 11, 2011

Henry's new grin.

This is how Henry looked for most of the summer. 
He had two wiggly teeth on top and spent every free moment he had trying to work them out. 
I am certain that I told him to take his hand out of his mouth a thousand times a day.
As you can see he was not a subtle wiggler.

All of his hard work finally paid off this week when he lost two teeth in as many days. His first loss was pretty standard. He was brushing his choppers (yay, oral hygiene!) when his very, very loose tooth flicked out. The most exciting element to the event was that the tooth landed in the bathtub where Jamie was quick to grab it before it went down the drain. As Jamie put it... "Jamie to the tooth rescue!"

 The second tooth loss was more exciting. 
The very next day the boys were watching "Bare Hand Fishing"on Animal Planet and Henry, amazed by the practice of catfish noodlin'...went slackjawed. 
Jamie took advantage of Henry's open mouth, reached in, grabbed his remaining tooth and yanked it out in one fell swoop. 

I find it hard to believe that Henry was happy that his big brother yanked his tooth out when he wasn't paying attention, but he really was.

"I was so distracted, I didn't even feel the pain!" Henry happily exclaimed.
"I was a faster tooth yanker outer then the dentist!" said Jamie, proud of his new skill. 
Henry was quick to agree... "It all happened so fast, if anyone has any teeth they need to come out, they can just come over and watch a show with Jamie and that tooth will be outta there."

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