Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Not Sharing.

If you loved someone this much, it would be really tough to share.

Anna helped out in Rosie's Sunday school class the other morning. 
 When I asked Anna if Rosie behaved herself, she reported that she was pretty good but she got angry  when Anna needed to comfort a little girl who was missing her mommy.
When Anna scooped the upset little girl into her lap, Rosie gave her a dirty look and said...
"She is NOT your big sister...."
As in back off little girl, Anna is MINE, and I'm not sharing her.
I'm not sure how Anna juggled both little girls, but my guess is that Rosie won the battle for Anna's affections. In turn, Anna absolutely delights in the fact that Rosie will happily fight a class full of 3 year olds to be the one who gets to sit in her lap.

This photo was taken the day that Anna came home from college for the summer. 
In about three weeks summer will be over and Anna will return to school.
And Rosie will miss her.

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