Monday, August 8, 2011

License to Drive

The good state of Ohio has officially decided that Mary is a qualified and capable driver and has given her a drivers license of her very own.
This has made Mary a very, very, happy sixteen year old girl.

 So happy, in fact, that she did not mind (too much) crawling through the not so well attended landscaping at the BMV so that I could photo document the occasion. 
"Ok, as long as you don't post this or anything..."
(Sorry, Mary... I'm afraid you owe me this one.)
The hot off the presses license that Mary is holding makes me at least as happy and delighted as she was in this photo... my smile was equally as wide.

I am so very relieved that my next oldest kid is ten, which gives me at least five and a half more years to rest and regroup before Lily needs to learn to make a left on red.

I can assure you from experience that there is no place more grim then the abandoned K-Mart on Ridge Rd, where traffic cones have been measured out and set up for student drivers to practice the much feared but necessary to pass, maneuverability exercise.

Especially at night, during the winter.

I saw a rat there once when Mary needed some space in the car and I watched her do the cones from the pavement instead of passenger side. The rat watched for a little bit too.
The rat seemed kind of happy that he wasn't me.
 Nope..I will definitely not miss those tension filled nights backing up through cones at the scary vacant K-Mart. 
 I congratulate and thank my dear daughter for passing the test and will remind her once again to be safe and keep her phone in the trunk and out of earshot while behind the wheel.

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  1. Congratulations to Mary! That's just scary, though to picture my 8 year old driving some day....