Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday at 7:43 am.

My younger wombats at 7:43 am this morning... 
second day back to school for the bigger kids, Rosie begins on Monday. 

Mary was not around to be photo documented having left for school early. She is cheerleading and needed to meet with her cheer coach at 7:30 to go over some new moves for the game on Friday night. The idea of Mary (not our morning girl) cheering for anything at 7:30 in the morning is hard to imagine. (Will post fun cheerio photo of Mary in action later)
Anna starts classes today in North Carolina. My guess is that her roomie won't be sending me a "first day of school" photo from campus, but you never know. 
(a not so subtle hint aimed for Anna)

Funny enough, our youngers were happy to return to school... the first couple of days are always exciting.
Our Henry is so proud of being a first grader and takes his new grade/status very seriously.  
Lily has moved up to middle school and is ok with that. She recently read "The Smart Girls guide to Middle School" so she feels prepared.
Jamie is in the same class with his best friend...the happiest news ever for any third grader.

But little Rosie is stuck at home with her mom for the next week which makes her kind of blue. She longs for the excitement that only school can offer.

Goodbye kids...
I know that what Miss Rose really wanted to do was ditch Dad and her schnoodle...leap on the bus, and go with all of the more fun and interesting people in her family, but she needs to wait a bit. Her teachers are still taking their vitamins and getting ready for our tiny tornado.

Seven more days Rosie, and your preschool education begins- yay!

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  1. I keep looking at that photo of the kids all ready for school- it's a normal photo of kids ready for school, but there's so much going on in it, from the dog looking off to one side, to the sunglasses on Rosie, and the head tilt..blah blah blah I'm babbling.... I just like the photo is all!