Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Happy Year!

While Anna and Mary celebrated the new year at the appropriate hour...Jamie, Henry, Lily (and Lil's best pal) celebrated midnight at the exact same time as western Greenland while Rosie stayed awake just long enough to see midnight in Paris before clonking out. 
We didn't even bother being sneaky about bumping up our time zone... I just pulled the clock off the wall and told the kids that it was late, they were cranky and we were celebrating early.
And they were ok with that.
So we greeted 2012 (in western Greenland) with toasts and cheers right here within the glitz and glamor that is our kitchen.
 The biggest excitement of the night happened at the stroke of midnight (in western Greenland)  when Karl popped the cork on a bottle of champagne...woo hoo!
Jamie and Henry sharing a midnight toast (with the rest of western Greenland) and perhaps plotting their new happy year.
 Henry was amazed that we took the clock off the wall and adjusted to suit our needs at the time.
"I didn't know that you could move time to whatever you felt like!" said our little H-Bomb and then asked to have his picture taken with our kitchen clock.
"This is so's like seeing time pass, up close and really big."

Wishing you all the very best, brightest and happiest new year!

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