Friday, January 13, 2012

Single White Sock Seeks Forever Partner.

Behold- Sock Mountain!
Our family goes through a lot of socks... 14 a day, close to 100 a week.
And we seem to lose more.
I don't know why all of the happily married socks in my family chose to leave their matchy match partners for the single life but they sure do.
Maybe it's how we treat them....
my boys don't just take off their socks they fling them, over the head lasso style to the far corners of whatever room they please.
I guess that the over the head sock fling helps explain the loss of boy socks... but Karl and I hardly ever do that and we still suffered from sock loss...very mysterious.
That is, until very recently.
Unlike most household issues, the sock problem has a simple solution. It's called the sock clip and it's a beautiful invention. It's a simple little plastic device that binds the socks together forever and always- until death do they part. So now, the only time the socks are not clipped together, is when they are on feet... and then, they remain close enough.
So, I hope I don't sound like a complete braggy Maggie when I say that since the sock clip was introduced to our house,our sock problems are very, very limited.

In case you might have a sock mountain of your own...
Lily demonstrates correct sock clip usage.

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  1. That sock clip may have just made me the happiest woman on earth. When I was young and stupid, I would safety pin my socks together before washing them, and I would wonder where all the rust stains were coming from....