Monday, January 23, 2012

Bring On the Dragon.

The Gieseke family was happy to ring in the Chinese year of the Dragon with noodle bowls at our favorite Chinese restaurant. Jamie and Henry are happily wearing their dragon wear Chinese shirts, which are technically pajamas, but no one really seemed to notice or care. 
 The restaurant was nearly empty... all of it's Chinese clientele were at home celebrating with family, which suited us perfectly. The fewer folks around and at risk to annoy with our obnoxious family dynamics, the better. Here is Rosie twirling her chopsticks while outfitted in the most "Chinese-ish" thing she could come up with... Lily's old gymnastic leotard.
She is pretty certain that she looks pretty fabulous.
"Doodles Noodles" is our favorite restaurant to take the kids to. It's very close by and the owners are  tolerant of our big rowdy family. They even gave us a gift to help us celebrate the most auspicious year of the dragon...a zhong guo jre.
I have never been given a lucky Chinese knot before and I can already feel my chi improving as it now hangs in my kitchen.
I knew I would forget what our new cool knot was called so I had our hostess write it down for me so I could google it later. This is what I learned...
"Traditionally, a Chinese knot must be bent, tied and crafted from a single red rope, to express the endless circle of happy life."
Now, how lovely is that?
Jamie is a fan of the sesame balls for dessert. 
Here, he ponders them before he snarfs them down.
I just had to add this photo... our boys look too much like goofy bookends not to share :-)

To my fellow Cincinnatians looking for a great kid friendly spot with wonderful Chinese food, please visit...

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