Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ethiopian Saturday Night.

Rosie and her pal loved wearing their Ethiopian dresses.
Rosie got to spend Saturday evening in Ethiopia.
Not really, but she did get to go to a very fun Ethiopia inspired party for adoptive families of Ethiopian born kids. She had a wonderful time and really believes that she spent a few hours in her full of awesome birth country.  
She got to do all of her favorite things with her cool fun friends.

Tire swinging is so much more fun with a buddy!

Delicious dinner under the Ethiopian flags...
She even had a chance to learn some traditional Ethiopian dance moves with her always fun godmom.
 "We were all born in E-opia... we are all kind of sisters."
A very sleepy and very happy Miss Rosie made this observation on the way home from the celebration.
I think that there is a lot of truth to this.
Rosie enjoyed her party so much that she insisted on wearing her Ethiopian dress to church the next morning. 
She explained to anyone who commented on her dress...
"This is my Ethiopia girl faaancy party dress- I went to an Ethiopia party last night saw my Ethiopia girlfriends and danced and it was sooo much fun."

I do believe that our girl was the only person in church who wore their Saturday night party outfit as a Sunday morning conversation piece.

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