Monday, March 19, 2012

Kid Lake.

 It all started with this book...
(a really terrific book...especially for boys)
The novel, Holes inspired the boys to dig a few holes under the swing set.
Not long before the neighborhood kids got involved in the project too...
"Hey, it's easier to dig if its wet...get the hose!"
Turns out the hose plan was brilliant one.
I ditched the camera phone...I had a feeling some good stuff was about to happen and didn't want to miss anything. 
I predicted correctly... exciting stuff did happen. The hole under the swing set grew into a lake... a kid made lake rather that a man made one.
Rosie's job was to circle the mayhem from the fun safety of the tractor.
And giggle.
She thought the big kids in mud were so funny, she could hardly contain herself.
Once she stopped her little tractor and said
"My tummy HURTS from really HURTS!"
(the very best kind of stomach ache)
 The regular old boring slide quickly became a high speed muddy water slide.
(happily, no kids were injured in the high speed muddy mud slides)
I don't want to brag, but I think my guys have some wicked mud skills!
I love Jamie's blissed out expression of muddy happiness.
Lily was not to be left out of the mud bath.
Here Swampgirl strikes a pose in the middle of Kid Lake.

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