Monday, March 12, 2012


 My boys often choose to enter the house in their own dramatic and stylish way.
They call it Smashface... and this is how it works.
The warm up is a hands in the air rebel yell scream run into the glass... then its a full on body slap, followed by a slow mo slide down the door.... bonus if lip prints are left on the glass.
Not sure why they do this, or where they learned it.
They didn't get it from has never occurred to me that running into the glass door face first, is a better way then opening it in the more traditional manner.
Don't think I've seen Karl do this move either.
I do believe that the Smashface is their very own invention.
(I'm so proud)
I think that one of the reasons they love this, is that the sound of boy body on glass never fails to make me jump...not a lot startles me when it comes to these two, but that icky skin smacking sound really gets to me.
This how a little conversation between Henry and I went not long ago.
Please don't do that. You sound like giant broken birds and it freaks me out...please stop.
"Stop what?"
You know what... the Smashface thing.
"Oh, that... yeah...well, we don't really Smashface into parked cars anymore, now we just do it at home."
Oh. Ok.
Smashface also proves to be big fun at the ice rink!

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