Sunday, March 4, 2012

She Dreams of Goats.

Rosie has a fear of goats.
She is afraid that she will fall victim to "pointy horns" that will bonk her over. While she is working through her fears and is becoming more and more brave, she still has a very healthy respect for all things goatish.
The other night, she had a bad goat dream.
She ran in to wake me up..."there's a GOAT in my BED!"
(there wasn't)
Together, we turned on all of the lights so that she could see that her bed is absolutely goat goats in sight.  She was still really nervous, so... in a misguided attempt to reassure her, I told her that I am afraid of snakes and sometimes I even have bad dreams about them... but the dreams aren't real and never ever leave your brain.
She was unconvinced...
"But its easy for you. Snakes are like DINOSAURS. Dead forever and GONE FOREVER! Goats are ALIVE...I've seen them and that's why I'm SCARED of them."
OK...Where to begin?
As it was 3:00 in the wee hours and I was hoping to get some more sleep... I agreed with her.
The truth of what is extinct and what is not, could definitely wait until morning, I chose not to argue...the path of least resistance. So she won the competition of whose dreams are scarier... with flawed facts, but in her mind, she definitely won. Her goat in the bed dream remains far worse then my irrational fear of "extinct" snakes. 

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