Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hookah and Passion and Drunks, oh my.

Now that Rosie is a bit older and a smidgey bit more predictable, I've made some honest attempts to take the kids to check out different places around the city that are off of our beaten path.
Broaden our horizons...
stretch and grow,
 that sort of stuff.  
Not long ago I learned about a park in Cincinnati that was once an incline station and still has a fantastic overlook of the city as well as a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired bandstand shelter.
"We must go investigate this architecturally relevant park with a fabulous view"
I told my dears, and we set off on our adventure.
We found our park, were impressed by the view and the kids had a fun, wholesome time rolling down the hill... yippeee!
Afterwards, Lily found a nice spot to admire the city, but instead noticed something behind her...
What does she see?
Two grubby teenagers and a hookah pipe.
Seriously? A hookah?
Why anyone would take a two foot tall hookah to a park is beyond me, but there it was- and of course Lily had some questions.
To distract her and prevent my louder daughter Rosie, from asking those same questions, I took them over to the cool flying saucer looking bandstand- which is indeed impressive. 
But when I tried to get my kids to pose under them- we discovered and interrupted a very amorous R rated couple having some not so alone time and completely ignoring their  architecturally relevant surroundings.
"I didn't know that it was legal to kiss like that in public!" Henry was fairly horrified.
 but Rosie was very supportive of their romance."I think they just got married!"
  I sent the kids to the playground and took a quick photo from down the hill a bit...
(I tried to block them out so that it would be a G rated photo, but they are still just visible under the center pod)
The gang enjoyed the running around the playground and thankfully there were no hookah pipes or passionate love couples by the swingset- but wait, what does Henry see?
"Mom, is it against the law to put the F word on a t shirt?"
But before I could talk to Henry and also try to disract him so that we wouldn't offend and annoy the cool guy in the F***K shirt, I hear this behind me....
"Hey pretty lady, whats going on....?"
While I would have loved to be flattered by the compliment, it was coming from a fellow so inebriated he could barely stand and was not likely to have the best vision/judgement.
My new friend even had a little paper bag with a bottle sticking out of the top- the very caricature of a drunk.
"What's wrong with that grandpa?"
My kids aren't really used to strange men, no matter how loaded, giving me "compliments" on the playground so they had some questions about that also.

So ok...amazing view or not, it was really time to go.

And so concludes our fun and educational 40 mins in the park... consider our horizons broadened.

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  1. Most awesome park experience ever. I was laughing throughout the whole thing... you should write a book. (Oh, wait, you already did!) :)