Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pretend Danger.

"This is the most dangerous and coolest slide ever!"

My boys were thrilled to discover a new (to them) giant slide of slick polished cement in Alms park.
They were completely thrilled by their discovery and spent a couple of hours performing pretend death defying moves and they all climbed up and slid down.   
Their new (to only them) is full of awesome because it is super steep and built into the hillside with big concrete steps instead of a ladder.
 There was a lot of joyful white knuckled hanging from the pretend edge of a cliff, aka top of the slide.
 Also some very fun upside down pretend emergencies.
 The big kids were counting on Rosie to save them from pretend doom...
Jamie declared himself king of the coolest slide in Cincinnati and so far remains unchallenged.
Check it out if you are feeling brave...

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