Saturday, June 16, 2012

Reptile Roundup.

Jamie and Henry just finished up a camp at the Cincinnati Nature Center called Reptile Roundup, the mission of the camp was to capture as many different kinds of reptiles and amphibians as a kid possibly can in one week. The campers are then able to study their little hostages closely and then release them back into the wild on the last day of camp. 
 Jamie is checking out a dusky salamander, which while common in this area are quite difficult to catch. They are noted as being alert, slippery, and being very good jumpers. However even the swiftest salamander is no match for my son who always brings his A game to the creek.
On Friday morning, the kids offered a presentation of the creatures that they caught. 
Henry was very happy to be the kid that held the snake jar. To ensure that the kids find a ton of reptiles I learned that snake tins are set out the night before camp. I didn't even know that there was such a thing as a snake tin, but they are placed about the edges of the woods and provide a warm and cozy place for the snakes to relax before they start their day. Apparently quite a few snakes meet up to enjoy the warmth of the tin and checking on who dropped by became the highlight of the week for my boys. In fact they were so excited to see what they caught, that they had a hard time sleeping the night before.
 The boys are crazy about all creepy creatures, but hanging out up close and personal with our snake-y friends is just not for me, in fact its a bit of a personal nightmare. I am thrilled that the nature center offers a place where my boys can learn a great deal from brave and enthusiastic teachers who are excited about sharing their snake knowledge with eager to learn young campers. 

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