Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wild and Wonderful West Virginia

Do these grounds look wild and wonderful?
 Wonderful, definitely... but not so wild. Karl and I took the gang to West Virgina for the weekend, and since their unofficial state motto is "Wild and Wonderful" and their official state motto is "Mountaineers Are Always Free," we were ready for anything.
But we didn't have to be because we went with friends who have very fancy pants friends who have a place in a the very fancy pants resort of The Greenbrier.
So I guess that made us fancy pants twice removed.  

Here are my hoity- toity society ladies posing in front of the side entrance of our weekend digs.  
Only the classiest young ladies wear big green rubber shoes.
Henry was horrified when he learned that The Greenbrier politely required their gentlemen guests to wear collared shirts during their stay.
It was a struggle for our H-Bomb, but he relented once he realized that if he compromised on this fashion front he would be able to do a lot of very cool stuff, like take a lesson in falconing.
This young young falcon named Jack is extremely cool and well worth wearing a collared shirt for a weekend.
Jamie was less offended by this wardrobe requirement and doesn't mind looking dapper at all. In fact he was very intrigued by the fact that you could rent a tuxedo at the hotel. 
I think the only think that would make this photo of Jamie and Jack the falcon better, would be if Jamie was wearing a tuxedo. 
Now, how Jamie Bond would that be?
 One morning, I was able to schedule a ride with the kids. 
Here is Lily getting ready to go with Nero- I think they make a fabulous pair. 
 This is Henry and a helper guide ahead of me going up and over the mountain on a horse fittingly named Hank.
I was on the lookout for bears... after all we were in wild and wonderful West Virginia- but alas, none were spotted.
Rosie got to take a ride too. No mountain climbing for her... she took a very genteel stroll around the hotel and enjoyed every step of the sweet pony she got to ride.
 And they're off!
For a very mild amble around the lawn... very wonderful, not so wild.
 This pool overlooked the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains... 
Guess how many times I sang the John Denver classic hit "Take Me Home Country Road?"
According to my loving family, far too many times.
(although this could have been once, or maybe twice.) 
Anyway, I sang enough terrible renditions that I could use my voice as an effective threat.

If you don't go to sleep right now I'm going to have to sing you my all time favorite John Denver song!
"Noooooooooooo-not Country Road" my darlings cried out in terror.
 Rosie was lucky enough to shoot hoops with Coach Bradley... she might be the tiniest opponent he has ever faced, but she was likely the biggest cheater.
She needed just a smidgey bit of help with her dunking skills but I think that she nailed it here.
We all had a fabulous weekend spending time with good friends...all of the 12  kids in our group had a great time playing together. It was a perfect weekend and we felt very fortunate to know people who know people who have fabulous digs that they don't mind sharing in wild and wonderful West Virginia. 

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