Sunday, September 2, 2012

Art for All, (even schnoodles!)

Changing Pasture, 
(Anton Mauve)
To celebrate it's 80 anniversary, the Taft Museum of Art hosted a citywide art exhibit over the summer called Art for All. The Taft put 80 weather resistant reproductions of the museum's work in 80 unexpected places. While my kids are invited to visit the originals in the museum, Penny the schnoodle will likely never see this kind of art in her doggie life, so she very much embraced the opportunity to gaze upon the work of the masters. 
Here she is contemplating a pastoral piece at the dog park at Otto Armleder Memorial Park.
The Trout Stream, 
(Joseph Mallord William Turner),
My schlumpy crew at Newport on the Levee.
Mrs. John Weyland and Her Son John, 
(Joshua Reynolds)
Rosie posing at the Kilgour fountain in Hyde Park Square.
 Anna Sinton Taft,
 (Raimundo de Madrazo Garreta)
Jamie, Lily and dear Mrs. Taft at the Zoo.
Mademoiselle Jeanne Gonin, 
(Jean-Auguste- Dominique Ingres)
Lily, a buddy and a schnoodle who now appreciates fine art.

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