Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hello 45.

 My very first act of my 45th year was to step my bare foot directly into strategically placed bedside dog barf this very early morning.
(thank you dear schnoodle with a tummy ache)
To remind myself of dog puke free moments, I would like to happily post some summertime photos of those days back when I was 44.
So here, without order or direction, and only because I enjoy them... are some of my favorites. 

My little sidekick.

Lily and Anna shark hunting in Hilton Head.
Rose in profile
Jamie with his mustache.
Mary with young friends in Guatemala.
Karl playing the rainy course at St. Andrew's.
spotty ponies and their girls
Henry at the zoo
Mary and I in Guatemala
Jamie falconing in West Virginia
Group hug for Anna

Henry and his big fish

Miss Rosie G.

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