Friday, September 14, 2012

Life is too short not to wear a tuxedo to picture day.

Jamie has some very strong opinions about what to wear to school on picture day.

He appreciates a fellow who dresses sharp and to him, the day when the fellow from Lifetouch Photography sets up shop in the school library is the day when you should look your personal best. His siblings and classmates don't agree with him, to them picture day is a day when you don't have to wear a uniform, but who really wants to dress up fancy?
Jamie does. 
For years now, he has made sure that he has a bow tie ready to go the night before picture day, but last year he really wanted to take his look to the next level of tuxedo. 
I said no. 
I don't think I sounded unreasonable...
I'm sorry Jamie, but renting a tuxedo for 3rd grade picture day seems a little over the top, your tie is perfect... I'm sure that you will still be the most dressed up kid in school.

He was disappointed but did his best to mimic the tuxedo look by wearing a dark tie and sport coat... close, but not quite fancy enough for Jamie.
Jamie G., third grade.

For the following year Jamie argued that...
"a white suit is the most stylish look a guy can have."
"If I pay for it myself, can I please rent a suit with a white jacket for picture day NEXT year?"
Indiana Jones- Jamie's personal hero    

This is the fashion he had in mind... 
He has a point, the white dinner jacket does ooze class and charm.
And admittedly, Jamie can really hold his own when it comes to swagger and style...
After a full year of listening to Jamie's passionate argument of why he should wear a white tuxedo to 4th grade picture day- we agreed to it. 
And so I found myself at Folchi's Formalwear on a Tuesday evening having my 10 year old son fitted for a tuxedo for picture day.
And I was really happy to be there.
Because who knows... next year he will be in middle school and maybe that confidence about what he thinks is cool and important will be replaced by different ideas... 11 year old middle school guy ideas instead of his current 4th grade style.
  So for now... I don't mind helping Jamie with a little dinner jacket attitude.
   And it was fun to have breakfast with James Bond Jr..
(as you can see- Henry does not share his brothers need to dress up)
This young 007 doesn't mind riding the school bus.
At the end of the day, I asked Jamie if wearing his tuxedo was as cool as he thought it would be.
His reply...

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