Friday, December 6, 2013

Rosie's Secret Signal.

Rosie is a little girl with a very loud voice and not much of a filter. 
She is also very curious, asks a lot of questions and notices just about everything that is a little bit different about people.
During one particularly awkward afternoon, Rosie made two gleeful (and loud) observations in the course of the two of us running errands… 
"oh my goodness, I think that man is growing a baby inside his tummy!" 
"I have never seen a lady with a mustache before- that is amazing!" 

As you can imagine, I was mortified, and in desperation, told her that if she ever noticed something that's a little different about someone that she wants to talk about later, she should flash me a secret signal. That way we can talk about it in private without hurting anyone's feelings. 
The secret signal looks a little like this.
This little hand to chin move has spared us both of us from many sticky situations, but as she gets older I find that she has been using it less and less. 
So I was surprised the other day when we were picking Anna up at the airport and she got all wide eyed and started bumping her chin like crazy. 
"Oh man, oh man… I think I see a vampire!" 
While the gentleman that she was secret signaling about did look a little bit vampire-ish, he also looked a lot like Johnny Depp, and I thought it was very sweet and wise of her to want to avoid hurting a potential vampire's feelings.  
Well played Ro.

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