Sunday, December 22, 2013

Second Townsperson Pride and Peace.

Although Christmastime is ideally the season of peace and love, unfortunately my younger kids have been behaving more like it's the season of crabbiness and bickering and each has been getting on each others very last Christmas nerve. 
There have been some very big and not so peaceful moods lately. 
So when this happened, needless to say, I was shocked. 
Last week, Rosie played the part of the second townsperson in her school's Christmas pageant. 
Jamie and Lily surprised me when they said that they WANTED to come to watch their little sister on stage. Then, while sitting in the audience, they both fretted a bit about her saying her single line without making a mistake. And, when she made it through without missing a word, they were relieved and happy for her! I had a hard time believing that Rosie's little part in the Christmas play was really important to her big sibs…but apparently it was and I left the show amazed, not by Rosie's acting chops, but by Lily and Jamie's unexpected goodwill to their youngest sister.
Later on, Lily even told me that she couldn't believe that Rosie was so good…"she didn't just say her line, she DELIVERED it… Mom, she was actually VERY GOOD!"
This display of sibling pride and support was my very own Christmas miracle.
I'm still smiling about it.  
Peace on.

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