Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Bald Eagle...Gratitude.

 Guess what big awesome bird we got to see on Thanksgiving morning?
Not a turkey, but a giant and gorgeous BALD EAGLE!!!
Not kidding.
He was eating his dinner in the middle of a corn field when we drove past. 
I made Karl u turn the van around so I could jump out and and confirm that I wasn't imagining eagles and such. 
Even though he was very far away, he gave me a grumpy look and flew off.
My photos are pretty lousy, but they prove that we didn't imagine it...the emblem of our nation was really and truly right there, eating his dinner in Lebanon, Ohio. 
How fitting is it that we sighted him on Thanksgiving, the only uniquely American holiday. 
Thanksgiving- 2013.
Our day of gratitude and appreciation for all of the blessings in life... family, friends good heath and the love and strength that connects us all together.

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