Sunday, December 8, 2013


I think that snow days are really great. 
Especially snow days that happen on a Friday.
So the kids and I both were thrilled to get the early morning "no school" call.
 Only there was absolutley no snow.
Every school in the city was cancelled but this is what our front yard looked like.... one little girl in a sunhat and evening gown stalking squirrels with her "bone-in-arrow," and not a flake of snow.
At midday... the snow began, and so did the snowball battles.  The kids are smiling here, but as in all wars, there were many tears as the day/fighting progresses. Rosie was hit at very close range causing the snowball to go through her ear and "into my brain, I think." 
It seemed dangerous to have snow on the brain by noon, but she bounced back. 
  We are very lucky to leave in a neighborhood with a lot of kids close by... so Lily's pal was able to join us on the snow ball battlefield.
As the day progressed, so did the snow and the gear. 
Jamie was smart to get into the bags of cold weather gear first so he was outfitted the best. The younger kids were left with mom's mittens... probably even less cool than wearing your mom's jeans.
Later in the afternoon, Karl took two unskilled and unwilling boys to help him shovel the front of his office. Helpful sons don't happen so often here, so I made them pose to mark the occasion.
Then I dressed up the dogs...
And then I had them switch hats to see how Turkey would look in antlers. 
(like this) 
And while I was taking multiple photos of my dogs in Christmas outfits, I realized that I had become  the type of person who dresses and photographs her pets.
Maybe peculiar enough...but then I took it to the next level and took some photos of my decorated cement pig.
While you can't tell due to the abundance of snow, our pig has a Santa hat at a rakish tilt bumped up on her cute little hogshead. 
And so ends of our very fun snowday, full of decorated hogs, dogs and snowball wars... couldn't be a better Friday.

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